¿cuánto paga redoblona cabeza y 10?

¿cuánto paga redoblona cabeza y 10?

¿cuánto paga redoblona cabeza y 10?

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ARTICLE 1º.- Under the generic denomination of Quiniela, the Lottery game directed and administered by the Instituto Provincial de Regulación de Apuestas de la Provincia de Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur, which shall be executed in accordance with the prescriptions contained in the present regulation, shall be organized.

ARTICLE 4º.- The execution of the Quiniela bet, implies the formalization of an adhesion, random and bearer contract, whose clauses and conditions that subject the parties, are contained in these regulations and other rules that may be dictated as a consequence and whose perfection shall take place as from the definitive acceptance of the bet by the Instituto Provincial de Regulación de Apuestas and not from the execution of the bet or wager in the agency.

ARTICLE 21º.- For the settlement of the redoblonas prize, a maximum of one thousand (1,000) times the amount wagered is established, this being understood as multiplying the amount wagered by one thousand (1,000) and dividing it by the amount of prizes for which the first wager is intended.

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However, it is possible to win, as every game has its secrets. Keep reading this article and learn some tricks that increase the possibility of winning the betting game, besides knowing how much is won in the traditional way and how much the redoblona pays.

The amount bet on the first bet is multiplied by 70 and divided by the positions played, and that is bet on the second bet, where it is also multiplied by 70 and divided by the positions played, thus resulting in the final prize.

In the case of the quiniela, all prizes are collected at the official Lottery agency where the bet was placed, regardless of the amount. In the case of the Quiniela Plus, up to $49,000 is collected at the agency, and amounts above this value are collected at the Lottery offices of the Province.

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Physical Network: Premises of the «Hoy Juega» network of the Quiniela Agencies and Sub-agencies. How to collect the hits: The payment of the hits will be made exclusively upon presentation of the coupon, with a maximum term of 30 days from the date of the Drawing to collect them. Hits of up to $ 2,000 may be collected at any Quinielas Agency or Subagency throughout the country. Betting reception hours: Evening Drawing until 2:00 pm and Night Drawing until 8:00 pm.

Smartphones and Tablets: Through labanca.com.uy or through the application «La Banca Mobile» which is available for download at labanca.com.uy and in the app stores (Android or IOS), you must register and credit money to your personal account. How to collect the hits: The hits generated by bets placed through the website or the APP «La Banca Mobile» will be automatically credited to the personal web account «free availability balance». The amounts credited to this account may be collected through the means offered on the website (bank transfer or in the «Hoy juega» Network of Premises). In case the bettor chooses to collect the prize obtained through the «Hoy Juega» Network, once the amount to be collected has been selected, he/she may go to any Quinielas Agency or Subagency and must present his/her identity card, which must match the document registered in the personal account. Betting reception hours: Evening Drawing until 2:30 pm and Night Drawing until 8:30 pm.

how much does redoblona head and 20 pay?

It is not far from other types of gambling, such as racing, casino, blackjack or any sport, but it is much closer and more drinkable. But the question is how to win in the betting game?

In order to clear up this doubt, we refresh below the traditional table of prizes at one, two, three and four digits, and redoblonas, taking as a basis a bet of 1 peso as a graph, since, as it is well known, due to the constant devaluation of our currency, the minimum bet per jurisdiction is 4 pesos.

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