¿qué es el bono joven de alquiler?

¿qué es el bono joven de alquiler?

sanchez announces a youth rent subsidy of 250 euros.

This measure has caught by surprise his government partners, Unidas Podemos, who, in the words of Ione Belarra, Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, has assured that she was unaware of the existence of this aid until it was announced by Sánchez.

The president has assured that the most vulnerable families will be able to collect the young rent bonus together with other direct rental aid of up to 40% of the value of the monthly rent.

This aid will serve as a balm for many young people whose income does not allow them or makes it very difficult for them to have access to housing and to meet the payment of other basic obligations, such as the electricity bill, which is on the rise after the high price of electricity set numerous records.

renta joven: voucher will be destined only for rent and

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sanchez, announced yesterday that the new State Housing Plan will contemplate the creation of a rent non-payment insurance financed by the State to facilitate the guarantees of access to housing for young people.

The insurance will cover non-payment of up to 12 monthly payments and will have a premium of 5% of the total annual rent. That is to say, if a young person pays 600 euros per month, the annual cost of his rent would amount to 7,200 euros per year, and the insurance premium would be 360 euros. The cost of this amount will be covered by the funds of the State Housing Plan managed by each of the autonomous communities, which, as holders of the housing transfers, will be able to decide the degree of application of the aid.

The beneficiary of the insurance will be the owner of the rented housing and the aid will be activated when the young person can justifiably prove the reason for the non-payment, for example, because he has lost his job.

A total investment of 5,520 million Euros is envisaged. Of these, 2,970 million will be used to finance 510,000 residential rehabilitation actions and another 1,100 million will go to guarantees so that homeowners’ associations can obtain bank financing with which to undertake common rehabilitations.

how to access bono renta joven 2021 of 500 soles

He sees the need to be «tremendously careful» also in the face of data gaps to implement housing policies and evaluate their efficiency ‘ex ante’ and ‘ex post’ in housing and rental. «Unfortunately we often move blindly with very little data,» he warned.

In this sense, although the Ministry of Development launched a «positive» initiative to have a rental price index, Arce has regretted that the new rental price index to determine the limits in stressed areas «will not serve that purpose» to set the stressed areas because it comes with «much decalaje», and yields data on the stock of rental housing in a new area not the flow of contracts.

If limits on rental prices are implemented, «very detailed» information is needed on the average rent of tenants and not on that of all neighbors (census section), so he has defended the need to emphasize the development of «many more good databases» and tools, since now we are working «in the dark».

bono renta joven: requirements for accessing the rental voucher

The Central Executive foresees that young people who meet all the requirements will be able to access the bonus of 250 euros per month for living in rented accommodation. This aid may be received as of January 1, 2022.

Ayuso has charged against the young bonus The minister also wanted to throw a dart at the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who said that citizens «are not given confidence» to put their homes for rent.

«If I have an empty house, it does not occur to me to put it for rent, because when I am not occupied, I have a defaulter who does not pay and no one helps me or, when not, he destroys my house,» Diaz Ayuso concluded.

«Young people make many efforts to be able to rent and identify these people with defaulters, squatters or vandals does not correspond to reality,» said the minister, responding to Ayuso.

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